Memory tree was born out of a passion for saving space on our Earth. In today’s world, we are unnecessarily consuming space that belongs not only to us, but to our future descendants too. Graveyards are slowly filling up with space that future generations may find irrelevant. This space may not be utilized for any other purpose ever again. At the same time, municipalities are running out of graveyard space and are actively searching for other options. While many families choose to cremate their loved ones and spread the ashes at a certain place your loved one stipulated, there is no memorial to go back to. When placing the urn in a memorial wall, it is vulnerable to vandalization.

What’s more, water is becoming a growingly scarce commodity worldwide. Every drop should be cherished. In cemeteries, human corpses may cause groundwater pollution – not due to any specific toxicity they may possess, but owing to increased concentrations of naturally-occurring organic and inorganic substances. This occurs to a level sufficient enough to render groundwaters unusable. This also affects the fauna and flora negatively.

It is our duty to pave the way for future generations to come. You and your family or a group of friends can join in a tree-planting ceremony to celebrate the memory of a loved one. By choosing Memory Tree, you will always have a sacred memorial to go back to, and you can even watch your tree grow with time. When the tree is fully grown, you can add a copper plate with the details of your loved one.

Memory tree is a 100% green and eco-friendly company. All of our products are completely biodegradable too. The bags in which you will receive your various items are crafted from corn starch, while the urn and packaging are made from cardboard. Join us as we make the nation a better, more sustainable place, while giving our loved ones a far more special afterlife.

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